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About XWiki SAS

XWiki SAS is the company that provides services and solutions on top of the 100 % open source XWiki project. With over 10 years of experience in the professional collaborative solutions market and more than 1 million downloads, XWiki SAS has contributed to over 500 projects worldwide and has more than 100 customer references (including EMC,, Meetic, Crédit Mutuel Arkea, DCNS, AFP, Spie Batignolles, Chronopost, Capgemini, EDF, etc.). 

XWiki services are aimed primarily at businesses, organizations and communities looking for a collaborative platform that's easy to use and allows a better organization of information. 

The XWiki team supports its customers throughout the process of their project implementation, trains both its technical & business users, and provides hosting and technical support services.



XWiki SAS booklet

See the XWiki SAS booklet.


 Interview with Ludovic Dubost on
Aligning Social with Processes
 XWiki SAS & knowledge organization


XWiki SAS and its offer have been featured in several online publications like:

"What does make XWiki unique is their open source model which is not something that we see in the space very often." (Jacob Morgan)
"XWiki is a professional and sustainable wiki platform, suited both for organizations and system integrators." (Roberto Gallopini)
"Very impressed w/ @XWiki Just starting w/it but I'm sure there are many more features I'm not even aware of yet. Thx for all your support." (Patrick Masson, OSI)
"Again-so impressed w/ @XWiki support-before I even knew I borked my wiki's access settings support contacted me to see if I needed help." (Patrick Masson, OSI)
"It's Christmans time... not really, but something like that. XWiki 6.2 is out with brand new responsive Flamingo Skin as default. I am very excited to upgrade my instance today." (Thomas Steinbach, Iteratec Gmbh)

And many others like Programmez!, CIO-Online, Read Write Web, Mashable France, Mandriva Linux Online, Collaboratif-info, ZDnet, 01net, Toolinux, Fred Cavazza. Please visit our account on Diigo to stay informed.