XWiki Open Source Community

What our company does, what the XWiki community does

We wish to apply the values of the Open Source Culture to all our actions. That's why XWiki SAS has published a Manifesto concerning its commitment to open source and transparency.

XWiki has adopted an Open Source strategy for its solutions. The XWiki project offers a generic platform on which collaborative applications and products can be developed. All XWiki software is developed in Java and is available under the LGPL open source license.

The XWiki open source project is governed by its Committers. Committers are long standing contributors who have been voted in to a level with more responsibilities in the XWiki project. They are interested in the XWiki project on the long run. Committers are the people who ensure that the project is healthy and it goes in the right direction. All important rules are decided by the XWiki committers, for the sake of the XWiki project and its community. Contributors should follow development practices when making contributions. A list of the individual committers who participated in the development of XWiki is available on the Hall of Fame page. If you want to become a Committer, this link will guide you through the steps. However, remember that there are many other ways you can contribute to XWiki.

The mailing lists are the main communication channels for the XWiki community. There are 3 of them that you can post to:

  • users AT xwiki.org: For questions about using XWiki, suggestions for improvements, ideas, etc.
  • devs AT xwiki.org: For the XWiki development itself.
  • notifications AT xwiki.org: All SVN commits diff, JIRA issues and Continuous Build failures are sent to this list. XWiki developers must be subscribed to this list to follow what's going on.

All major decisions are taken on the mailing lists. However, if you have a question or prefer to chat, you can join the XWiki IRC channel.

XWiki Community websites

XWiki.org The entry point to the XWiki community websites 
XWiki Platform XWiki is a platform for developing collaborative web applications using the wiki paradigm. XWiki Products are based on the XWiki Platform which provides common services and UI to them. On this wiki you can find the documentation for the features offered by the XWiki Platform. You can learn how to develop on the XWiki Platform by reading the Developer's Guide and also learn how to administer the Platform
XWiki Enterprise The XWiki Enterprise product is a fully-featured wiki for the Enterprise. It's also a second generation wiki offering the ability to install and develop applications inside wiki pages. The Enterprise wiki on XWiki.org is home to the XWiki Enterprise documentation.
XWiki Eclipse XWiki Eclipse is a desktop application targeted to developers for productivity/offline editing of XWiki pages. The XEclipse wiki is home to the XEclipse documentation.
XWiki Office XWiki Office is an add-in that lets you edit XWiki pages straight from MS Word. You can find the documentation on the XOffice wiki.
XWiki Watch XWiki Watch is a social RSS reader that allows groups to collaboratively follow information and filter it. The XWiki Watch documentation can be found on the Watch wiki.
Extensions wiki This is the place where you can find extensions you may use to augment your wiki's features or simply the place to learn how to program various features in XWiki. Be sure to check with the wiki for the latest Applications, Plugins and Macros.
Developers wiki This is the XWiki development community. This area is for developers of the XWiki project itself and all contributors in general.
Translation wiki This wiki is used to internationalize all the projects of the XWiki Ecosystem. It is meant to be a collaborative platform where everyone can contribute translations in a given language.
XWiki Playgroud You can use this wiki to try out XWiki Enterprise.