Who we are

Brief overview

XWiki SAS is an innovative French company created in 2004 by Ludovic Dubost, visionary in the use of wikis. Structured as a Simplified joint-stock (SAS), the company totals 42 employees; it is located in Paris (France), in Iasi (Romania) and Boumerdes (Algeria).

The company provides professional solutions that answer all collaboration needs of organizations and services (development, support, training, consulting and hosting).

All our solutions are wiki-based, however wikis are not all we do. XWiki uses are very numerous: we develop intranets, collaborative websites, document management systems, and much more.

The domains of activity of the organizations we work for/with are various: education, media, distribution, industry... With thousands of organizations using XWiki, XWiki SAS is the leader of professional and collaborative Open Source solutions.

What we believe in

The Open Source

XWiki chose to follow an Open Source strategy for all its solutions. For XWiki, liberty is understood as:

  • Liberty for our clients to take advantage of all the improved features of XWiki. We can adapt and develop your XWiki in order to best meet your organization's needs. 
  • Liberty for the community of XWiki developers to follow the most advanced research in the field of enterprise wiki.
  • Liberty to contribute to a development process of open software, with a public roadmap, where the decisions are taken by a group of committers chosen according to their competences and their investment.
  • We appreciate the support of our community, of our users and of our clients. The choice of the LGPL license, according to which we distribute our source code, confirms our dedication to an Open Source strategy for our solutions.

Social responsibility and sustainable development

Ethics, sustainable development and social openness are the components of a responsible management. Since its creation, XWiki has adopted a responsible attitude in all activities (marketing activities, interaction with its partners, development, relations with the employees, etc.).

We equally wish that the actions we get involved in are: 1) useful and productive for our partners, clients... and 2) imply for our collaborators to work together systematically.

We wish to apply the values of the Open Source Culture to all our actions. That's why XWiki SAS has published a Manifesto concerning its commitment to open source and transparency.

XWiki business model

XWiki SAS is a for profit organization. Its business model is based on selling high-added value services to customers and partners installing, deploying and operating XWiki solutions. Today, these services include on-demand access, second level support, custom development, training, specialized consulting.

In order to develop and support these services, XWiki SAS develops additional tools and infrastructure that make the operation of XWiki solutions more efficient. XWiki SAS reserves the right to give access to these tools and infrastructure on a commercial basis to its customers only, as long as doing so does not infringe any of the above commitments.

XWiki Company Structure

XWiki SAS is a company registered in the Paris, France registry of commerce. It is as of March 2009 fully owned by 12 of its employees, many of them being committers of the XWiki Software.