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Knowledge Sharing is key to operational excellence. 

There are different types of tools available to manage it:

  • tools like emails, that are simple and accessible but theyr come with little features and are highly unorganized. 
  • tools like ERP or ECM systems that are organized and have more features, but are only accessible to experts.

You need trained professionals to set these tools up and teach you how to use them.


XWiki enhances collaboration performance by centralizing and organizing your professional content in one place.

There are many benefits:

  • no information is lost
  • the history of a project is capitalized 
  • people work better together

Online collaboration within a page is so easy and reliable that email becomes only a reminder tool.


Discussions over documents that are often lost in the email are now stored and organized in a single place. Managers can review anytime the actual activity of projects and anyone involved can access the full history of a project or a document.

You can read more about the specific sets of features that make XWiki easier to use and more organized on the XWiki overview page and the features page.

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