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Are you interested in research and development on the cutting edge of privacy technology ? 

We are looking for someone to help us win and manage French and EU research projects and also to take over the product development of the CryptPad open source Zero Knowledge realtime editor project!

Bring your enthousiasm and come join our XWiki international team!

What is Research at XWiki:

  • Finding French and EU research projects which can help fund the development of XWiki and CryptPad open source projects
  • Manage the deliverable reports and financial reports for the French and EU funding bodies
  • Interact with partners including business, academia and public administration

What is CryptPad:

  • A innovative #ZeroKnowledge approach to guarantee your privacy using collaborative applications
  • A young product developed from XWiki research with over 20,000 unique viewers per week
  • Realtime collaborative editor using modern HTML5, VanillaJS, RequireJS, Hyperscript and a load of tricks to create security in the web browser

What your role will be:

  • You will be in charge of finding research financing for XWiki and CryptPad
  • You will be taking a product management role in the CryptPad project, working directly with the developers of CryptPad to help bring it to wider audiences, tackling with research, marketing and management
  • You will be working on the Research projects and you will be leading, mentoring and coordinating the R&D team members

What you need for the role:

  • Understand how French and EU consortium research projects are launched and successfully delivered
  • Be ready to dig into HTML5 browser APIs, quirks and bugs all the way down to the bottom, bonus points if you've reported a bug in a browser before!
  • Have a user focus and a drive to make ethical software which addresses the needs of ordinary people and grows a large userbase
  • Be able to fluently use English and interact with people at all levels
  • Have leadership, managerial and interpersonal skills, creative thinking and problem solving abilities

What you will find at XWiki:

At XWiki you'll work with us in a dynamic, international environment. Our commitment to Open Source values is reflected in our company's culture and you'll be a key element in building the next generation wiki, learning together with wide community of smart developers. XWiki fosters a collaborative work environment in which innovation and initiative are highly appreciated. 

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