Discover the XWiki features

XWiki offers a wide range of powerful standard tools that will enable you to create, organise and find content. Moreover, all the pages are making use of some default features such as history, versioning and rollback. If you need something more specific to suit your needs, check the extensions page where you can get an idea of what applications you can add to the standard XWiki.


Our WYSIWYG editor is the easier way to edit content, but there is also the chance for you to be a pro, so try the wiki syntax to experience the full power of editing.

You can’t find an application suitable for your needs? Why not create one?
Design your own business application in no time using the App within Minutes wizard. Nothing simpler.



Sometimes large quantities of information are tricky to canvas so reduce the time you spend visualising valuable data using dynamic livetables.

Another easy way to search for documents is by using tags. It takes only one simple click to find everything you need related to a topic.



Teamwork and communication are the main requirements for an efficient team. Share updates and remarks with your co-workers so you can develop all together.

Sensitive information needs to be kept that way therefore, make sure only the right people can access your content by using the rights management feature.


Need more? Find out what you can do with XWiki


Search feature

XWiki gives you the content you need, when you need it. The Search feature, based on Apache Solr, enables you to find everything you need, fast and easy.


Office Imports

From unstructured to organized in just a few clicks. Turn your Office documents into wiki pages and discover the full power of XWiki.



Why not a blog in a wiki? Use our blog application to publish content and get your team up to date with what is going on.


Activity stream

Always be up to date thanks to the XWiki activity stream.


XWiki Macros

Use the XWiki standard macros to improve your content layout.


Extend your XWiki

Browse our extensions page and find the applications that suit your needs.