We offer a full range of services in order to help you make the most of our solutions

The XWiki SAS project methodologies

Every company is unique and has specific knowledge management needs.
Based on the XWiki product, XWiki SAS is able to respond to your specific needs through its tailored development solutions using the services listed below. 

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The XWiki SAS services

The most convenient and cost effective way to run XWiki. We take care of the set up, hosting, upgrades, maintenance and backups, so you can focus on getting things done.

Getting used to a new technology may take time. We help you speed up the implementation and adoption of your solution to save your time.

We provide help with any migration project from an existing solution to XWiki, by taking over your existing data.

We help you create and implement a design and a user interface for your wiki, based on the graphic charter of your own business.

We help you modify and extend the functionalities of the XWiki platform, by meeting the specific needs of your business.

We offer a "Proof of Concept” package including consulting days in order to provide you a functional and usable solution demonstration and save you time.

We offer remote server maintenance. You don't have to perform any maintenance work on your own servers: all the work is handled by our team.

We take care of creating your wikis, installing the applications that will be helpful to you, as well as managing your users access rights.

The support ensures that we bring answers and solutions to different situations that you will encounter while using our software.

XWiki SAS helps your team get up to speed with our technology in no time. Choose from the training offering and start benefiting from fast and effective collaboration right away.