Data Import

We provide help with any migration project from an existing solution to XWiki, by taking over your existing data.

To capitalize all the information and knowledge of your business, it is important that the new solution is able to handle this transition. This is why we offer to assist you with the process.

You need to be aware that the migration projects depend on the size of your knowledge base and the final result you’re expecting.

Contact us for a quote regarding the feasibility of migrating from your database to XWiki.

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Supported Systems

  • Microsoft Access / Sharepoint
  • Lotus Notes: one of the classic problems encountered with Lotus Notes databases is their transition to a functioning web mode. Once the data is imported to XWiki, it becomes more accessible and easier to organize.
  • File Manager (PDF and Office documents)
  • Excel and .csv files
  • Other wikis (such as MediaWiki, Confluence, Dokuwiki...) 

To avoid losing data and to save time, we have developed this import to be fully automated and secure.


These are the top benefits of performing a data import process:

  • Each document becomes a webpage;
  • Documents are accessible from any web browser;
  • Edit and View interfaces on the same page (no back office);
  • Decrease or disappearance of information silos;
  • Addition of various features to collaborate around the content: comments and annotations.

Our technology allows you to perform massive imports of documents in your wiki, reducing the risk of losing data to almost none.


As part of our data recovery projects, we implement the following methodology:

OurMethodoEN (1).png


Import typeDescriptionPricing for the XWiki support clients *
MediaWikiWe import your Mediawiki pages in XWikistarting from 5000 €
ConfluenceWe import your Confluence pages in XWikistarting from 5000 €
Lotus NotesWe import your Lotus Notes documents in XWikiquote based
MS SharepointWe import your Sharepoint documents in XWikiquote based

* The XWiki services are available for XWiki Support clients. Thanks to long-term XWiki support contracts, the XWiki SAS company can invest in the development of the XWiki Open Source software. This will benefit to all users of the XWiki software.

Note: for each data import, the XWiki team adapts the import script to make it suit your needs.