Creating a tool aimed to be easily adopted inside your organisation requires a thoughtful design.

Working with your brand guidelines, we are able to create and implement an overall design and a user interface especially created to suit your requirements.

There are two services you can choose from:

  • A XWiki color theme based on your creative guidelines;
  • A custom design to perfectly adjust XWiki to your specific use case (i.e. user interface, user experience, integration in a portal).

Our team working on any project requiring a design phase is formed of an experienced project manager and a skilled web designer.


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Service nameDescriptionPricing for the XWiki support client *
Color ThemeXWiki color theme creation
based on the creative guidelines of your company (logo, colors) 
1500 €
Custom SkinCreation of a custom design for your organization starting from 3000 €

* The XWiki services are available for XWiki Support clients. Thanks to long-term XWiki support contracts, the XWiki SAS company can invest in the development of the XWiki Open Source software. This will benefit to all users of the XWiki software.