Meet the project team

Your projects are in good hands.

Our dedicated team for clients’ projects is composed of 8 highly experienced project managers, senior developers and architects. Experts in XWiki software and passionate about digital transformation problematics, they enjoy facing a unique challenge anytime a client wants to develop or implement a tailor-made solution.

The project managers are trained and happy to help you analyse your needs and develop solutions using XWiki. They are also able to understand your corporate culture while spotting issues which are reducing the efficiency from a digital knowledge management point of view.

Years of experience and countless training sessions are translated into a highly capable team of project managers with a passion for custom projects and the ability to offer:

  • Consultancy - to help you formalise your needs;
  • Project coordination - to keep the process going according to the budget and the time frame.


Our French team is located in downtown Paris and consists in five members. From left to right:

  • Nicolas Lemoine, Project Team Manager
  • Anca Luca, Architect
  • Sarah Nitenberg, Senior Project Manager
  • Jean Coury, Senior Project Manager
  • Denis Gervalle, Architect


The Romanian team is located in Iasi and consists in three members. From left to right:

  • Iustin Insuratelu, Senior Project Manager
  • Raluca Stavro, Architect
  • Paul Pantiru, Developer