Proof of Concept

The goal of a developing a Proof of Concept is to allow the client to provide, in a short time, a working solution to use it during a presentation/demonstration.

Allowing your team to quickly understand our solution and see how it could suit to the company's needs.

The process is split between two steps:

  1. Consulting phase

    • Definition of the requirements in collaboration with the customer;
    • Work Breakdown Structure: we provide functional answers to your identified requirements.
  2. Proof of Concept (POC) creation

    • Selection of a complex feature for your environment;
    • Technical implementation of this feature with XWiki to prove the project's feasibility.

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Service NameDescriptionPricing
Proof of ConceptConsulting phase then implementation of the POC. This offer includes 3 months of support5000 €

* The XWiki services are available for XWiki Support clients. Thanks to long-term XWiki support contracts, the XWiki SAS company can invest in the development of the XWiki Open Source software. This will benefit to all users of the XWiki software.