Setup and Configuration

Let us help you set up and configure your XWiki instance in no time.

Two options:

  • Setup and configuration on your servers:
    • Our administrators will access your infrastructure and install XWiki;
    • XWiki SAS provides support to your admins to setup XWiki;
    • The Platinum support offering includes instance setup;
  • Setup and configuration in an XWiki SAS environment (see our hosting offer)

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OptionDescriptionPricing for the XWiki support clients *
 On premise XWiki setup (on your servers) We setup and configure XWiki on your servers 1500 €
 LDAP /AD We connect XWiki to your company's users directory 1000 €
 Single Sign On  We setup XWiki to connect it with your Single Sign On method (Kerberos, NTLM, OpenIDC, CAS) 2500 €
 XWiki setup in the Cloud (on our servers) We setup and configure XWiki on our servers included in the XWiki Cloud offer

* The XWiki services are available for XWiki Support clients. Thanks to long-term XWiki support contracts, the XWiki SAS company can invest in the development of the XWiki Open Source software. This will benefit to all users of the XWiki software.