We offer 2 types of support:

  • Technical Support on top of the XWiki and/or the projects we have implemented for you;
  • Additional Development Support for companies that wish to develop custom solutions on top of XWiki using their own developers.

Support is also included in our packages. Compare our different offers and their pricing.

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Technical Support

XWiki Technical Support is all about you! Save time and effort by allowing us to help you solve your problems as soon as they arise. You can contact us whenever you need a helping hand as we promise to provide you with answers and solutions to overcome your problems.

Our Technical Support service helps you make the most of XWiki products and applications by allowing you to focus entirely on the success of your business.

Technical Support includes:

  • Maintenance & Bug fixing: we fix the issues you encounter when using our software;
  • Installation support: we help you get started in no time;
  • Remote diagnosis: we help you find out what's going wrong through VNC.

You should purchase Technical Support services if:

  • You want to put your solution into production;
  • You want to make sure your system will keep running smoothly;
  • You want to know whenever an update goes out;
  • You want help from experts;
  • You want to make sure things are under control.


Developer Support

The XWiki Platform offers an impressive range of features and capabilities that you can make the most of. Your developers will be in direct contact with the XWiki Development Team, getting answers straight from the source whenever they have a question about XWiki's features & API.

Included in our Platinum offering (20h) or purchased additionally to our technical support or cloud offerings, our development support service includes:

  • Answer to technical questions: we answer your questions related to XWiki development;
  • API help: we help you find the relevant API calls to achieve your goals;
  • Architecture best practices: we help you design your application in a modular fashion;
  • Performance tuning: we provide you with the best practices to optimize the performance of your application;

You should purchase Development Support if:

  • You want to create your application with the help of the XWiki experts;
  • You want to develop faster and more efficiently on top of the XWiki software;
  • You want to make sure your applications follows XWiki development standards;
  • You want to optimize the performance and quality of your XWiki application.