XWiki SAS' solutions provide answers to numerous collaborative usages

Business applications allow you to centralize all your data directly in your wiki. All your collaborators will be able to contribute to, discuss and follow the evolution of the different files/folders.

The XWiki Collaborative Intranet is the perfect solution to help you enhance connections inside the company, make information flows more efficient and increase your business' productivity.

The XWiki Competitive Intelligence solution allows you to monitor your competitors, to easily gather information, organize and share it in order to make better strategic decisions.

Excellent documentation of your applications, products or services while offering a superior experience to the end user is a key factor on which the success of your business depends. 

XWiki SAS Education solution allows you to easily organize and enrich educational content in many formats.

Finding the right information at the right time can be a challenge. Using XWiki Knowledge Bases you get a solution that allows you to access critical business information in a fast and efficient way. 

Resource centers allow you to make available a variety of resources (.pdf, video, etc.) to your customers, employees and partners, being accessible either from a public site or an intranet/extranet.

XWiki's support solution offers advanced features, from versionning to Office Documents Import, allowing your Support team to quickly and exactly address your customers requests.

XWiki offers the ability to launch public websites on-demand. Thanks to our website building solution, you can deploy a new site in minutes.

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The steps to achieve your solution

XWiki SAS provides a number of services to complete your projects.

1- Identification and definition of requirements

We establish specifications with you.

2- Software development

We create an easy to use solution, tailored to your business needs by leveraging our innovative platform.

3- Monitoring & Support

We are at your service throughout the project, responding to the key questions and help you get the most out of your solution.