Business application

chronopost.jpgIT Departments regularly face numerous and heterogeneous business requests that need to be addressed with really short delays.

The solutions proposed by IT don't always solve the problems and constraints of the business users (with regard to timing, flexibility...). As a consequence users are often tempted to implement their own tools: Access Bases/Lotus Notes, Excel files, Google Drive, other wikis, email, etc. 

This generates a set of non-official tools for which maintenance is complicated and most importantly generates the inability to capitalize on knowledge at the enterprise level.

But we can notice that most of the time the demands are for basic applications that could be quickly developed and implemented: tickets applications, forms for specific services, sales processes, product sheets etc.

Thanks to XWiki and Application Within Minutes, you have all the tools that allow web developers and end-users to create and implement their own applications.

These basic applications allow to centralize all data directly on your wiki. All your collaborators will be able to contribute to, discuss and follow the evolution of the different files/folders.

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Create your business applications thanks to the XWiki Platform

  Create applications
  • Benefit from the set of features of a professional wiki (activity stream, user groups, rights management, WYSIWYG editor etc.)
  • Create your own applications using AppWithinMinutes
  • Compatible with your company's infrastructure (data bases, company repository, Operating systems)
  Benefit from the collaborative features
  • Create, edit, modify the wiki pages
  • Share and discuss your thoughts: comments, annotations
  • Share information
  Data import and export in standard formats
  • Transform your Word files into wiki pages
  • Import the data from your Access and Lotus Notes bases
  • Export your data in numerous formats: .odt, .pdf, .xar, .rtf, .html