Collaborative intranet

core-afcen.jpgCollaboration lies at the heart of productivity and innovation, especially when teams are spread across different locations. 

XWiki Collaborative Intranet is the perfect solution to help you enhance connections inside the company, make information flows more efficient and increase your business' productivity.

Using our intranet solution you'll be able to quickly create new pages and invite other team members to view or edit content. You can create spaces and change rights in order to manage projects across different teams. 

Available in 21 languages, the XWiki intranet gives you the flexibility to securely access your company knowledge anywhere across the Globe. All you need is an Internet connection.

Given XWiki's unlimited extensibility capabilities, the "XWiki Collaborative Intranet" solution also includes all the applications that really matter to your organization. With this solution you get to:

  • Make experts known to everyone
  • Enable people to share and co-create best practices
  • Concentrate on what will bring the most value to your team and customers
  • Store and organize your content easily

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How XWiki makes your company more productive

  Collaborate better using the standard wiki features
  • Easily create new pages and work spaces
  • Use comments and annotations to give feedback and raise opinions
  • Share pages with any wiki user
  • Keep track of what's going on in the wiki with the activity stream and the watch feature
  • Create groups for your teams and grant or restrict access to pages as you see fit
  Organize your company data
  • Convert office documents into wiki pages using the Import feature (Word, Power-Point, Excel, as well as the Open Office versions)
  • Attach any kind of files to pages
  • Find information you are looking for with the advanced search engine
  • Use tables to filter and sort company data
  • Back-up your corporate information at any time
  Improve processes with built in business applications
  • Communicate about the company life on the Blog
  • Use the Forum to start discussions with your co-workers around experiences and best practices
  • Simplify recruitment processes with the Recruitment Application
  • Handle all meetings efficiently with the Meeting Manager
  • Keep track of all employees' holidays from the Holiday Request application
  • Use the Todos / Tasks manager application to list everyone's tasks and their progress