Competitive intelligence

afp.jpgThe internet offers the perfect environment for companies to get a better understanding of the market they activate in and the actions of their competitors. Identifying relevant  information in a timely manner has become very important, especially when companies have to work with a limited number of human resources.

The XWiki Competitive Intelligence solution allows you to easily gather information, organize and share it in order to make better strategic decisions or simply follow what's happening in the market and get a better insight into the competition.

Built on top of XWiki, this solution allows you to monitor your competitors, organize all information you gather from both the internet and in real life (trade shows, meetings, etc.) in one single location. Information can be enriched with a wide range of wiki features such as page editing, comments and annotations. Using this technology you'll be able to generate press reviews, newsletters or any other report that's valuable to your company.

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How XWiki brings a competitive edge to your stategic watch

  Gather information
  • Configure your RSS feeds or import your OPML file
  • The wiki always keeps you up to date by regularly fetching your feeds
  • Use standard wiki pages to contribute
  • Better organize your information using XWiki's structured data management
  Filter and Organize
  • The "Google Reader"-like interface allows you to flag articles
  • Tag articles to ease organization
  • Watch dashboard allows you to monitor activity at one glance
  • Customize the dashboard so that everyone feels at home!
  Enrich and Share
  • Customizable flags allow you to generate press reviews
  • Comment articles, make links between them
  • Share articles or press reviews by email
  • Define press reviews templates