documentation.jpgExcellent documentation of your applications, products or services is a key factor on which the success of your business depends. 

Documentation that's incomplete or hard to navigate disappoints customers, generates frustration and increases the final support costs. A staggering publishing process may delay your project launch, reduce productivity and increase the documentation costs. Your company's ability to produce documentation effectively contributes to its competitiveness, as well as its commercial success. 

A documentation tool should provide the quickest and most cost effective way of documenting products or services, while offering a superior experience to the end user.

XWiki, with its ease of use and ability to organize information, allows you to create documentation that meets both your requirements, as well as the users' expectations.

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Using XWiki to create, manage and share documentation

  Create documentation collaboratively
  • Use the powerful and intuitive WYSIWYG editor to write documentation
  • Import and preview office documents
  • Use annotations and comments to write contextual notes and have discussions around content
  • Share pages by email with other users
  Bring structure to documentation and find information easily
  • Design forms and templates for your pages
  • Use tables and tags to filter and sort wiki pages
  • Always find information you are looking for with the advanced search engine
  Customize the user experience
  • Customize the skin and use a dedicated color theme
  • Use templates for the different types of pages
  • Use the export features to make documentation available as PDF, ODT, RTF, HTML
  • Define different layers of security by setting rights for users and groups
  • Make documentation available in different languages