sankore.pngFor public institutions and companies with training missions, it is essential that educational content is easily accessible, relevant, reliable and updated.

However, educational resources are often scattered in countless files, emails and paper documents. Therefor it's difficult to access and enrich them.

Curriki is XWiki's solution for Education. It combines the wiki simplicity of implementation and adoption with innovative features enabling a better information organization. Curriki allows to organize and easily enrich educational content in many formats.

This solution has been originally developed by XWiki for the website, an american educational content sharing platform now famous, with over 250,000 users, both teachers and students, and 40,000 resources.

The Curriki code is published as open source under the LGPL licence.

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Curriki for Education

  Add and organize educational resources
  • Publish multimedia content described by educational metadata (school level, age, theme,...) supporting the following formats: wiki, HTML, ZIP, Video, Audio, Sankoré (digital whiteboard)
  • Gather resources in "collections" to create complete educational pathways
  • Create folders and subfolders to better structure knowledge courses
  Find educational resources
  • Combine search criteria to find the most relevant resources
  • Sort the research results to highlight the resources rated by others
  • Move your mouse over the search results to see detailed descriptions of resources
  Enrich the resources through social networks and working groups
  • Note and comment on resources
  • Share with users the resources that are particularly interesting and report inappropriate content
  • Share your collections so that others can enrich their own educational resources
  • Create and join groups to work collaboratively on course knowledge