Knowledge base

cnfpt.pngFinding the right information at the right time can be a challenge for both your employees and your customers, especially when business-related information is scattered within your workforce's minds and computers across your organization. In addition knowledge exchange is time consuming, especially when conducted by email or phone.

Using XWiki Knowledge Bases you get a solution that allows you to access critical business information in a fast and efficient way. You don't need to worry about email overload or loss of critical information when someone leaves the company. XWiki helps you increase productivity and reduce operational costs, while regular backups prevent information loss.

At the same time with XWiki your company's knowledge is organized and searchable. XWiki allows you to describe wiki pages by adding additional information (metadata) on top of the documents. For example, with XWiki you can easily have a catalog that displays all contracts with the ability to instantly sort them by date, contract parties or type of documents. You can create the structure that matches your exact needs. 

Benefit from the XWiki metadata management and native flexibility, our key differentiators from other wiki solutions, in order to organize your knowledge in a centralized and easy to use way! 

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XWiki for knowledge sharing

  Bring structure and organization
  • Go beyond simple text and add structure to pages
  • Design forms and templates for your pages
  • Use tables to filter and sort wiki pages
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Enable anyone to edit pages using standard web forms
  Easily add new content
  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to make changes
  • Attach any kind of files to pages
  • Import and preview office documents; export pages in different formats
  • Define different layers of security by setting rights for users
  Make the most of knowledge with continuous collaboration
  • Use annotations to write contextual notes on pages
  • Share pages by email with any user
  • Get informed about wiki modifications with the watch feature
  • Check page history and compare any two page versions