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Earn time to focus on the growth of your business by documenting standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Simple to create. Simple to follow.

We offer a cloud based ready-to-use structure for all types of business, being 100% customizable to your specific needs: Procedures.

Inefficiency in developing procedures is the no. 1 reason why businesses across the world are losing up to 25% of their potential profit. Studies show that a well implemented procedures system will not only save you money, but also increase customer confidence and boost employee morale: whether you are a HR department publishing the internal recruitment procedure, a factory detailing the steps of getting from resources to product, or NASA's engineering department sharing the procedure for launching a spaceship to Mars.


Save time for what matters

Stop spending time on repetitive tasks. Get them documented and out of your head, so someone else can do them. Now you’re free to focus on growing your business.

Facilitate employee turnover

When a new employee joins, training them is a breeze since all tasks have been documented and refined over time. Well prepared employees means satisfied clients and more business for you.

Reduce errors and re-do’s

Procedures are easy to follow, illustrated with diagrams, graphs, icons and descriptions to ensure no steps are missed. Increase efficiency by making things easier for your employees.

Add value to your business

A business built on a foundation of well-documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) has a higher value, allowing you to strengthen and elevate your market positioning.

Gone are the days of procedures shared as docs via email. Access them from any device, anywhere and grow your procedure for a process or even the entire enterprise, with no difficulty or delay in deployment.



Assign one or multiple responsible users and work collaboratively.

Establish user access rights.

Track activity from the dashboard and get notified when changes are done with log history.



Categorize your processes into Categories and Procedures.

Delimitate public and confidential procedures.

Use the fast search function to easily find procedures, templates or users from wherever you are.



Add images, covers, diagrams and descriptions to ease the users flow.

Easily align Procedures to your branding.

Quickly create and assign checklist workflows to your team.

Procedures was developed by XWiki, a company created in 2004 that has over 200 customer references and thousands of business users in France and worldwide.

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The most successful entrepreneurs know the key to scaling any business lies in your standard operating procedures.

“Involving our collaborators to leverage a refined process multiplies production; But a poor process multiplies problems.”

Tim Ferris
“Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing... layout, processes, and procedures.”

Tom Peters
“If you define the problem correctly, you almost have the solution.”

Steve Jobs

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