voyage_prive.jpgA support team aims to provide internal or external customers with fast and relevant assistance. The support team handles business demands, often by phone, which means the team members will need to come up with effective, clear and calm answers, despite the diversity of requests.

The main qualities of a tool destined for the Support team are :

  • allowing quick access to information
  • facilitating the maintainability of this information

XWiki meets these necessities by offering advanced features, from versionning to Office Documents Import, allowing your Support team to quickly and exactly address your customers requests.

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XWiki for your Support Team

  Easily access and filter information
  • Office Import feature used to add all the client information scattered across your computers
  • Livetables to sort and organize all your support data, including the files you imported
  • Search Engine to quickly find documents
  Follow the content changes
  • RSS feeds
  • Watch content and get notified by email about changes
  • History and versioning
  Enrich and update content
  • Annotations to write contextual notes
  • Comments to discuss the content of documents
  • Share pages via email with any user
  • Activity stream to stay up to date